RRI2SCALE Project Second Consortium Meeting, 16th June 2020, Online

On 16 June 2020, the RRI2SCALE Project held its 2nd Consortium Meeting, following the first one in Rome. Due to the COVID-19 global crisis and the subsequent lock-down measures, the event was held online. Despite the difficult conditions, APRE hosted and organised the event as project coordinator, and ensured its successful accomplishment.

During the event, representatives from our 11 consortium participants discussed in depth and reflected on the progress made during the first six months of the project implementation phase. In particular, APRE kicked-off the online meeting by providing an extended overview concerning general updates of the project, current and future challenges, lessons learnt and best ways forward. Each WP leader had the opportunity to brief consortium partners about the work done so far, what type of activities were held, what obstacles were faced and how were mitigated, as well as the steps foreseen for the next six months.

During the consortium meeting, partners had the chance to exchange ideas and openly deliberate about their expectations, concerns and hopes for the second semester of the project. Furthermore, new  people joined our consortium  introducing themselves and got in contact with all consortium members, thus enlarging the social network of RRI2SCALE. In addition, WP leaders consulted each other on how their respective task activities are operationally interlinked, and verified the necessity of close collaboration concerning input provision.

Overall, no major problems or barriers were encountered, and the meeting unfolded with a sense of optimism that promises an even more exciting second semester!