On the basis of building sustainable research and innovation systems in Europe, SeeRRI will contribute to finding a new way for multiple actors to collaborate in research and innovation activities through a responsible mindset.

Notably, SeeRRI takes into account the complexity of what entails setting a coordination framework amongst a broad range of sectors and actors, including industry and business, academia, policymakers, and the public. In particular, the complexity lies within the different interests and priorities that different groups have when it comes to research and innovation, and the goal will be to find ways to bring them all together to work towards common goals.

All actions are performed under the joint collaboration of twelve partners from three EU member states, them being Austria, Spain, Italy and two associated countries Norway and Israel. To that end, the consortium covers and represents four key pillars: government (several regional government bodies), the business sector (SMEs, an economic cluster), academia (research institutes, universities), and civil society (a confederation of enterprises). The partner institutions have been selected so that their combined expertise and capabilities meet the varied needs raised by the call.

The SeeRRI coordinating framework is built based on 3 pilot territories, B-30, Lower Austria, and Nordland, and also involves a Network of Affiliated Territories (NAT) for comments and feedback.

In more detail, the project’s objectives include:

  • Establishing a foundation for building self-sustaining R&I ecosystems.
  • Engaging relevant R&I stakeholders in a meaningful way during the process.
  • Implementing a new R&I working method at the organizational level in a territorial context.
  • To evaluate activities carried out in the course of the project and contribute to MoRRI indicators and SDGs.
  • To share learning and transfer governance innovation best practices.

Through SeeRRI, a framework based on the principles of responsible research and innovation will be established. Close and creative collaboration brought through workshops and open labs will raise awareness among multipliers and promote sustainable research and innovation principles – including evaluating project activities and making recommendations to the EU public affairs sphere.

The project is being supported by EU funds, under the Horizon 2020 programme.

Note: Original photo retrieved from the projects’ weblink. All rights reserved.