Gender is much more than just the simple and traditional dichotomy between men and women, as the impacts it causes in the societal setting are within everyone’s reach.  Henceforth, it has come to the point where the very concept of gender is being re-examined and redefined through research.

In more detail, gender is a significant variable in research, which is a factor that is all too often overlooked. As Ms. Eveline Crone, vice-president of the European Research Council’s (ERC) pointed out, gender dimensions have often been overlooked in ‘research design’, yet understanding all aspects of human diversity is crucial for advancing the frontier of knowledge and achieving true equality in society.

In the broader scheme, the EU has launched its Gender Equality Strategy for 2020-2025 which has as its core objective: “A union where women and men, girls and boys, in all their diversity, are free to pursue their chosen path in life, have equal opportunities to thrive and can equally participate in, and lead, our European society.”

On that end, and in tune with the European Commission’s goals and mission, the European Research Council’s (ERC) has organised the workshop ”Sex and gender dimension in frontier research”. This workshop aims at creating a platform to showcase and discuss innovative approaches to address sex and gender dimensions in research. Considering gender differences may add more value to research in some fields. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to raise awareness on how gender dimension, in the way research is designed, conducted, and administered, influences the quality and usefulness of the results.

Taking place on 16 November, the workshop will include speakers from the EU sphere, as well as the research and academic sectors.

Background and information on the workshop

The event is organised by the European Research Council and is supported by the European Geosciences Union. Sessions will last from 8.30-18.30 CET, 16/11/2020.

Registrations are compulsory and can be sent via email to [email protected]

To read the full programme of the workshop click here.

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