FIT4RRI, an H2020 RRI-related project, has successfully ended! The project’s intention has been to contribute to bridging the gap between RRI and Open Science (OSc), thus helping Research Funding and Performing Organisations (RFPOs) to manage the rapid transformation processes that affect science. In addition, through the FIT4RRI Guidelines the aim has been to propose a pathway for activating institutional change processes towards RRI and OSc in their organisations in a way that is as feasible, sustainable, and useful as possible.

FIT4RRI has brought together 12 partners from all around Europe, building a truly interdisciplinary consortium consisted of universities, research institutes, and non-for-profit associations. The project’s main objectives have been to enhance competencies and skills through improving the training tools, actors, and strategies available. Moreover, in terms of governance, the project’s principal target has been to institutionally embed RRI and OSc principles and practices by promoting the diffusion of more advanced governance settings (organisational practices, tools, arrangements, and culture).

The project has examined 5 analytical levels: (i) general trends, (ii) barriers to RRI & OSc, (iii) drivers of RRI & OSc, (iv) interests & values, and (v) advanced experiences. On this basis, four co-creation experiments have been developed, involving different RFPOs to test some of the main outputs emerging from the analytical part and directly observe the RRI & OSc in action.


The first experiment has focused on Energy Efficiency, the second on Photonics (optical monitoring), the third on Material Science, whereas the fourth one has focused on Text & Data Mining.

Background of the project:

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 741477.

Acknowledged experts from both Universities and Institutes have worked on the project.

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