Last week, RRI2SCALE has established new synergies with two SwafS H2020 projects:

  • DiGiTeRRI – Responsible Research and Innovation Approach for Transitioning the Traditional Industry Regions into Digitalised Industry Territories
  • SeeRRI – Building Self-Sustaining Research and Innovation Ecosystems in Europe through Responsible Research and Innovation

The two projects belong to the same family of “Science with and for Society” projects and focus on different aspects of the wider RRI tradition.

SeeRRI works on the development of a framework whose purpose is to incorporate the principles of RRI into regional Smart Specialisation policy. As such, SeeRRI strives for discovering novel avenues to bring together stakeholders in research and innovation activities. To that end, SeeRRI is implementing RRI principles and practices in the very organizations of the consortium.

DigiTeRRI, which falls under the same SwafS call as RRI2SCALE, focuses on how to empower traditional industrial regions across Europe, helping them to fully leverage the unprecedented opportunities that digitalization offers. DigiTeRRI puts forward a collectively developed framework and set of roadmaps for the transition to self-sustaining, digitalized industrial R&I ecosystems, by connecting stakeholder groups from the quadruple helix.

WeDo, as dissemination and communication package leader of both projects, effectively acted as a communication bridge, thus bringing the three projects – RRI2SCALE, SeeRRI, and DigiTeRRI – together under a relationship of mutual collaboration. The three projects agreed on a series of potential areas for robust cooperation. Some indicative are:

  • Participation in external events and conferences
  • Joint production of communication materials
  • Potential organisation of webinars and virtual events
  • Continuous support and exchange of essential information for promoting territorial RRI

RRI2SCALE has been committed to assisting both SeeRRI and DigiTeRRI throughout the duration of its life-cycle. The upcoming actions will forge a resilient web that connects the different RRI initiatives across the wider European area and coordinates them effectively.

So, stay tuned, follow, and subscribe, because the new year is about to be quite interesting!



Note: The photo in this article has been taken during the first virtual meeting between members of RRI2SCALE, SeeRRI, and DigiTeRRI projects. The persons displayed in the photo have freely given their formal consent to be included in the article.