Responsible Innovation, a well-established concept in the EU context and a key contributor towards capturing the essence of innovative internal and peripheral growth for the EU already had multiple direct socio-ethical results.

Additionally, the nature of Responsible Research and Innovation concept has significant and binding relevance to the philosophical reflection on the nature, scope, and applicability of responsibility and innovation practices in general.

To that end, TU Dublin ConnectED Business Seminar Series will be hosting an online event on Thursday 25th February ‘Responsible Innovation through Philosophy’ with Prof. Xavier Pavie, professor and philosopher, author, researcher, and keynote speaker, specialising in responsible innovation. This Seminar Series provides our community with an opportunity to connect with leaders in business and society and to debate current challenges and opportunities.

About the speaker: 

Xavier Pavie is a Professor at ESSEC Business School, Academic Director Master in Management (Grande Ecole) Asia Pacific, Director of the iMagination Center, Director of Management of Responsible Innovation advanced programme for executive and Research Associate at the IREPH (Research Institute in Philosophy) Paris-Nanterre University.

Prof. Pavie’s research activities have, since 2008, addressed the notion of responsible innovation with the lenses of philosophy and spiritual exercises. Prof. Pavie has published numerous books and articles in management and philosophy both academic and for a wider reading audience and regularly contributes to Harvard Business Review, Les Echos, La Tribune. Author of a thesis on the reception of spiritual exercises in contemporary philosophy, he continues to regularly publish on that topic. His book, «L’innovation à l’épreuve de la philosophie» (PUF 2018) won the Award Best Management book of the Year 2019. Last book: Critical Philosophy of Innovation and Innovator (Wiley 2020).

Prof. Pavie was also recognised among the most influential personalities in the world in the Education category via LinkedIn Top Voices.

About the event: 

Thursday, 25 February 2021 at 15:00 – 16:00 EET

For more information and ways to register, visit this page

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