We are thrilled to announce that RRI2SCALE will have an active presence at the International Smart City Symposium “Redefining the Smart City – From a technocentric towards a collaborative value-based and human-centred understanding”. The Symposium will be held virtually on 23 and 24 March 2021 and is organised by the Berlin Senate Chancellery, Technologiestiftung Berlin CityLab, and the Hertie School’s Centre for Digital Governance.

The symposium is important for the City of Berlin and its path towards developing a new Smart City strategy. The symposium will take stock of the current state-of-the-art research and knowledge on smart cities, and their future, by engaging in discussion with renowned smart city academics and practitioners. The event will provide a forum for those interested in smart cities to listen, learn, present, and discuss cutting-edge knowledge, research, strategies, and success stories. The conference will have four workshops with the themes: citizen centricity; inter-sectoral collaboration; data governance; and administrative capacity in the smart city context. In each workshop participants will hear from a panel of experts on the topic, and then be able to participate in a comprehensive discussion. The insights gained from this symposium will be incorporated into Berlin’s smart city strategy.

On behalf of the RRI2SCALE project, which focuses, among others, on how to achieve sustainable, ethical, and inclusive transition to smart cities at the regional level, Dr. Margarita Angelidou, Senior Project Manager at Q-PLAN International Advisors, will participate as a speaker. In particular, Dr. Angelidou, who has a long experience and rich academic track record in the field of smart cities, will present for the first time the insights from the Delphi Exercise that was performed last year as part of WP2 of the RRI2SCALE project. The results encapsulate the elicited knowledge from a wide range of experts in technology and innovation, and therefore can yield significant lessons for policymakers and stakeholders across Europe and beyond.

Apart from the thematic workshops, networking opportunities are foreseen, so save the date, register, and check out the agenda!

More information about the event and how to register here.

The detailed agenda and speaker information can be found here.

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