Policymaking in the twenty-first century is undergoing major changes. The COVID-19 pandemic has aggregated various pressing economic, social, and environmental problems, challenging institutions and policymakers to find new and better ways of developing public initiation. The blend of ecological, political, technological, and societal challenges calls for a mature and collective response from our societies, with policymakers leading a new bottom-up paradigm.

Policymakers need to adopt skills and approaches suitable for handling the challenges of today. Co-creation, the act of creating new solutions with people, not for them, can help drive radical innovation in the public sector. By focusing on citizens’ own experiences and resources, co-creation can help identify truly valuable services.

SISCODE’s final conference addresses those issues through a free and virtual event, diving into the power, the approaches, and the challenges of co-creating policies with the citizens. The event started on the 3rd of May and is concluding tomorrow. The event – titled “Co-creating human-centered policies – for a better Europe” – consists of 4 days of keynote speeches, testimonials, and experimentation in 10 labs spread across Europe. The fifth and final day will be a collaborative effort to co-create a manifesto for the future of policymaking.

Every day is dedicated to a different aspect of co-creation:

3 May 2021 – Developing a culture of co-creation with citizens
4 May 2021 – The power of empathy – design for policy
5 May 2021 – Letting go of power. How do we make sure EVERYONE is involved in the co-creation process?
6 May 2021 – Co-creation ecosystems: Enabling collaboration for sustainable cities
7 May 2021 – A pledge for a better Europe: Co-creating the future of policymaking
The event is open to all through the following zoom link here. 
Two days are left until completion of the Conference – you can still join the co-creation process!
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