Scope and requirements of call

The EU-funded project SocKETs has recently launched a call for ‘Societal Engagement Story’: stories produced by projects, organisations, or individual writers on their experiences with societal engagement and emerging technologies or social challenges.

Read more about the application process here.

Requirements for submitting your story:

  • The story must be based on actual experiences in one of the following topics:
    • public engagement initiatives to address KETs, innovation, or social challenges
    • co-creation experiences to address KETs, innovation, or social challenges
  • The story should contain at least 800 words.
  • In addition to text, at least one additional media must be used and displayed
  • The story should be made available as downloadable PDFs, etc.
  • The story must be written or translated in English.
  • Stories embedding multimedia elements will strongly be encouraged.

Applications have to be submitted by email to [email protected] by 23:59 CET on Friday 24 February 2022, with the header “SocKETs Call – Application”, including the completed Application Form and any document that applicants may find relevant to support their application.

You can download the Application Form here.

Process and reward

  • 24 February 2022: Call closing
  • 3 March 2022: Results announcement | Applicants will be notified and 3 proposals will be selected.
  • March-May 2022: Writing and feedback time | The selected applicants will then work closely with the SocKETs team to refine and adjust the Societal Engagement Stories (text and media) until they will be made public on the SocKETs website.
  • 15 June 2022: Societal Engagement Stories published and disseminated.

Six stories will be selected and published in total on the SocKETs website and widely shared through the networks and channels of the project. The stories selected will benefit from a large exposure at the EU level, and will be supported by science communication professionals, from Ecsite, the European network of science engagement organisations, to write and design their Societal Engagement Story.

The winning proposals will receive a printed version of the SocKETs handbook for citizen engagement in the industry. The handbook combines several tricks and guidelines for delivering methodologies of co-design, co-creation, public engagement, facilitation techniques, and participatory processes when dealing with KETs and cutting-edge innovation in general.

About SocKETs project

SocKETs is an EU-funded project that aims at developing a shared understanding of the role of key enabling technologies in society and advocating for the importance of societal engagement in the innovation process. The SocKETs project is developing six case studies – called SocKETs Labs – to exploit the potential of co-creation in enhancing the innovation process and aligning innovation to societal needs in three applications fields: circular economy, eHealth, and industrial automation systems.

Learn more about the project here.