We are very glad that the RRI2SCALE team met last week in person for the first time since the KoM of the project. The meeting was organised in a hybrid way to accommodate partners who could not attend physically and was hosted on GAIN‘s premises, in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

During the intensive 2-day meeting, a lot of issues were discussed, as the project is entering the last semester and is finishing in the upcoming December. The agenda was managed by APRE, the coordinator of the project. All pilot partners were present to deliberate on the outcomes of the multi-stakeholder dialogues and how the latter will inform the regional co-creation workshops after the summer.

Another important topic of discussion was the post-project sustainability of results. Q-Plan presented to the rest of the partners how it will develop and deliver the RRI2SCALE Guidebook, which will serve as a step-by-step handy methodology for regional authorities and institutions across Europe that want to embed RRI principles, substantiated by the RRI2SCALE experience. White Research, the dissemination manager of the project, presented the exploitation roadmap of the project, while all partners brainstormed on the Final Conference of the project, for EU-wide dissemination of results. The Final Conference is scheduled for November 2022 and will be combined with an EU-wide validation of pilot roadmaps and agendas on how to embed RRI principles in the fields of smart cities – energy – transport (the roadmaps will emerge from the regional co-creation workshops).

Other points of attention include the progress regarding the monitoring and evaluation activities of the project, the finalisation of the repository about Good RRI practices at the regional level, the engagement of the Advisory Board members, the participation of the RRI2SCALE team in the 2022 EWOR, and the post-project exploitation of the SES Game on Responsible Futuring.

The meeting laid the ground for transitioning to the last phase of the project, which entails the pilot co-creation of regional agendas. Since a lot of preparatory work has been done, and partners strongly support each other, our team is confident that we will be ready for the final big step.