What is the tool?

The crowd-mapping tool is a website that is built by the sister project TeRRIFICA, to collect experiences and opinions where local environment climate change comes alive and is tangible. Different voices within the territorial ecosystem (e.g., researchers, citizens, politicians, industry, teachers) are co-creating competence for this global problem.

“The coexistence between human and animals is not really working because of the egoism of humans.”

How can you put your mark?

All you need to do to join the initiative is to create an account here. There is no right or wrong in your answers or opinions. They are your local, personal experiences of climate change.

Our planet is seriously ill now and we need to act to save it.”


What happens after you put your mark?

TeRRIFICA would like to stay in touch with you and discuss the information collected on this website. If you agree you will be invited to develop and talk over local or regional climate action plans for the marked climate trouble spots in the city. Together with you, they will explore how tailored climate change adaptation measures can be implemented here. All future vision and activity shall be based on your ideas about what you sense as places where climate change can be locally observed or felt and what you think might be important for the future to mitigate these effects on the local level.

“We are the reason for the problem but also the solution.”

You can find more information here.