Transparency, participation and exchange of information are pivotal factors for the creation and sustainability of Responsible Research and Innovation governance structures. The project is aware of the importance of these concepts, and has articulated its core objectives accordingly. As such, RRI2SCALE aims to:

  • Map, analyse and understand R&I specificities of pilot regions

  • Explore future R&I development trajectories in the field of “smart cities – transport – energy”

  • Raise awareness, mobilise and engage stakeholders towards participatory and inclusive RRI practices

  • Generate roadmaps and agendas that promote responsible and sustainable R&I policy-making

  • Monitor, assess and evaluate the practices and outcomes of RRI implementation process, thus enabling transparency and open dialogue

  • Communicate and disseminate the results achieved, therefore maximising the visibility and success of the process

  • Secure sustainability and continuous exploitation of the positive outcomes well beyond the end of the project