“Towards responsible innovation in a nutshell” 

A guide for regional authorities in Europe on how to apply territorial RRI

On the 10th of November, 2021, the DesignLab from the University of Twente delivered a comprehensive virtual training session to European public authorities on multi-stakeholder engagement for responsible RRI.

The session was part of the RRI2SCALE multi-stakeholder dialogues and includes a thorough guide on how to effectively engage stakeholders and ideate regional future in R&I in an inclusive and responsible way. This know-how was later applied by our pilot regional authorities during the multistakeholder dialogues in early 2022 to hold context-specific stakeholder discussions on the techno-moral scenarios that were developed earlier in the project – learn more here.

You can access here the detailed guide for responsible futuring that was used during the training session.

Moreover, users can access here the online whiteboard that was used in the training.